Just as irons and woods should be custom fit to an individual, so should your putter.

And, while the importance of a putter that looks good at address cannot be overstated, a properly fitted putter can have a dramatic effect on putting performance.

Having the proper lie angle enhances your ability to square up the putter to the target line. During this step, it is important that you use the same putter, gripped at the same length, as was used to originally determine the final length of the putter.

Loft plays an important role in helping to get the ball rolling, and tracking, along the intended line. PING putters have a standard loft of 3°, which is optimal for most putting surfaces. However, golfers who play on slower greens may benefit from putters with additional loft, while golfers who play on faster greens may benefit from less loft.

Additionally, your preferences for hand position and type of stroke influence the effective loft at impact. For example, a player with a pronounced forward press may need a putter with more loft since this hand position will reduce the effective loft at impact.

Bruce will work with you to determine the optimum putter set up for your physical size and ability.

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