Everyone want’s to lower their score and by improving your putting, you can!

Reduce the number of 3 putts each round and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

If you are serious about improving your putting and lowering your scores, then you need to get serious and contact Putting Zone for serious results.


Bruce Howard’s genius as a Putting Coach does not lie in his knowledge or ability to teach the mechanics of putting, his genius is in teaching that position and technique, are really only a preliminary and rather minor part of elite putting.

Through the Putting Zone program, Bruce shows the real key that the most important part of putting is what goes on in the Golfer’s mind.

The real key to progress is the training of the mind, which in turn controls the physical performance.

Thinking, psychology, mental discipline – is what really produces world class putters.

Anyone that adopts the principles and techniques shared by Bruce Howard at Putting Zone Australia cannot help but to achieve a tremendous improvement.

“The coaching I received from Bruce at Putting Zone Australia has completely transformed my game and taken strokes off my score card.”

“It’s incredible the confidence I now have on the greens, which carries over to the long game now that I know how to get it up and down around the greens.”

Greg Luckett